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Chris Thorson


Rock, 2015, pigmented hydrocal

Chris Thorson's painted sculptures are currently included in two exhibitions: Feast & Famine a group exhibition that explores food as a social, political, and bodily phenomenon. The exhibition is on view through December 2019 at the Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers University Extension, Newark, NJ. She is also included in Ordinary, an exhibition highlighting the ordinary through subject matter and use of materials. The antithesis of the spectacular, familiar objects bring art down to human scale and into the intimacy of daily life. The exhibition is on view through April 19 at 1337 Gallery, Artworks Downtown in San Rafael, CA.

Chris is Oxbow's Dean of Arts Practice and Painting faculty.

Faculty and Staff

Chris Thorson


Chris Thorson and Maria Forde's two person exhibition entitled "Strange Reprise" was at the new visual arts exhibition space state in the Mission District of San Francisco. 

"Strange Reprise examines the artistic production of two artists who engage with the history of popular culture and its potential to shape personal and cultural identities. Forde will present her new series, Western Drawings, and Chris Thorson will be showing new work from her Tabula Rasa and Internal Monologue series." Read full press release

Chris Thorson is Oxbow School's Painting faculty.

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Holly McVeigh - Back from Patagonia


Holly McVeigh, Oxbow's Admissions Director made it back after a 10 day trip to Patagonia, Argentina.

She took a 5 night pack trip on horseback, cooked meals over an open campfire, participated in group writing exercises, and went swimming in an Alpine Lake on her horse!

The Women's Horse Pack trip was led by Oxbow alum Lulu Watts OS4!

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MorningWorks Handcrafted Furniture


Sean Wood's MorningWorks launches later this Spring, a family affair that will feature handmade modern furniture. They donated their first chair to an auction to support the SunRidge School in Sebastopol, CA.

"The frame is White Oak, the seat is hand woven Danish paper cord, and the back is wool felt by Knoll. The wood has a history: we upcycled scrap from a local door maker and shaped and joined it into the shapes you see here - over 80 pieces all told." - visit the SunRidge auction website for more details Sean was Oxbow's former Business Manager and co-taught co-curriculars in biking and kayaking.

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Bonnie Levinson - Selections 2016 Juried Exhibition


Bonnie Levinson was selected for the Selections 2016 Juried Exhibition at The Midway Creative Complex in San Francisco along with 15 other artists. The exhibition organized by ARTSPAN opened January 30 and runs through February 28, 2016.

Levinson is a playwright, theatrical producer, photographer and arts administrator. She served as Oxbow Trustee from 2001-2007 and is currently on the Board of the San Francisco Art Institute and The Gund Gallery at Kenyon College.


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Nathalie Miebach at Cambridge Innovation Center


Nathalie Miebach will be at the Cambridge Innovation Center for a Catalyst Conversation with Ari Daniel on December 10th from 6-7pm. There is a reception to follow.

Subjective Data: Nathalie Miebach and Ari Daniel
"Sculpturer Nathalie Miebach and science reporter Ari Daniel join together to explore how data informs us and in particular how they each unravel data in their respective projects. As artist and journalist they are both compelled by receiving and responding to information, and to giving it shape and meaning."

Miebach was an Oxbow Artist-in-Residence/Lecturer in Spring 2014 (OS30) and Lecturer in Spring 2013 (OS28).  nathaliemiebach.com

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NOURISH Group Show at Napa Valley Museum


Milk Men, 2015 by Deborah Oropallo

Oxbow Painting teacher Chris Thorson joins other artists including former Oxbow visiting artist Deborah Oropallo (OS1 and OS25 lecturer) and OS33 artist-in-residence Lucy Puls (OS9 lecturer) in a group exhibition NOURISH at the Napa Valley Museum. The exhibition opened September 19th and runs through November 29, 2015.

"Napa Valley Museum, in collaboration with guest curator and artist, Nancy Willis, is thrilled to present NOURISH, a multi-faceted exhibition that examines the intersection of dining, hospitality and art from Napa Valley to the global community. This will be a unique chance to think about the way we relate to food and dining through the lens of art history and visual culture." - Napa Valley Museum

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Milrdred Howard: Matter and Spirit


Perched, mixed-media assemblage, 2010

The exhibition Mildred Howard: Matter and Spirit opens at the Richmond Art Center Gallery in Richmond, California on March 22 and runs through May 24, 2015. The opening reception is on Saturday, March 21st from 4-6pm.

"Mildred Howard: Spirit and Matter will showcase a selection of works that present some of the artist's most iconic sculptures as well as graphic works never before exhibited. Long admired for her direct and forthright reflections on society, Howard will be exhibiting work which incorporates her own image, popular images and anonymous photography. Whether taking found objects for use in assemblage or layering complex collaged works on paper, Howard imbues her artwork with the spirit of personal and community history as she reveals the matter at hand in the materiality of the of the object. Guest curated by Jan Wurm."

Howard was a Fall 2000 Visiting Artist Lecturer. You can see more of Howard's work at gallerypauleanglim.com.

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Mildred Howard awarded Lee Krasner Award


The house that can't be any color but it's own, 2011

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation awarded Mildred Howard with a Lee Krasner Award including a three-year grant. This award is based on the same criteria as the Pollock-Krasner grants, but are given in recognition of a lifetime of artistic achievement. This honor is a tribute to and recognition of artists with long and distinguished careers. The award is by nomination only.

Howard was a Fall 2000 Visiting Artist Lecturer.

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